Fighting Winter With Great Hair

With Winter Season in full gear, here are some winter-proof how-to-styles to help you maintain effortlessly chic hair while facing the cold weather.

1. Messy Waves


This look isn't just for the beach anymore, this textured look is the perfect fix for the cold wintery weather. Selecting hairstyles that limits using excessive heat is one quick way to preserve your hair health during the harsh conditions outside. Creating Natural waves overnight is a perfect look using minimal heat.

How to get this look:

  1. Prep hair by using a generous amount of sea salt spray (D.I.Y. Sea Salt recipe)
  2. Make 2-4 sections ( depending on desired wave pattern) randomly braid or twist hair. (Rule of thumb: More braids/twists more define wave pattern,it's all up you) 
  3. Let hair dry overnight.
  4. In the Morning; Spray a flexible hold spray, use blow dryer quickly or run a flatiron over the braids. Let braids cool for 15 mins.
  5. Undo braids & run fingers through with styling cream on ends for definition & texture. Use Curling iron or Curling wand to add more waves if desired.

2. The Textured Ponytail

How to get this look:

  1.  Spray Oribe Volumista Mist on wet hair for volume section by section then blow dry hair with a large round brush. *At-Home Tip:For those who aren't handy with the round brush as yet, flip head forward and finger comb till dry for root lifting volume*
  2.  Next, Use a 1 inch  Curling Iron/Curling Wand section by section, leaving the ends out.
  3.  Apply Oribe Dry Finishing Spray all over to give it even more volume & texture.
  4. Pull hair into a ponytail and use a hook elastic to secure it.  Wrap a small piece of the ponytail around the elastic to cover it and then secure it with a hair pin.
  5.  Finally apply a small amount of Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Oil to the ends and then finished with Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray.

3. Super Chic Top Knot


How to Get this Look:

  1.  Start by prepping the hair with Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse.
  2.  Blow dry the hair, making sure to create a lot of body for a good foundation.
  3. Pull your hair back into a high ponytail as high on your head as you can make it. Make it as slick as possible, capturing all the loose hairs in the elastic.
  4. Divide the hair into two parts. Starting at the base of the ponytail, wind each part around the other part, moving in a circular motion around the base. Keep wrapping neatly by winding always in the same direction & capturing any loose pieces. Alternatively, wind only one part around and around. If doing this, it helps to twist the ponytail length first.
  5. Wrap hair around ponytail holder, after the hair is knotted use curling iron to sculpt the bun.
  6. Pin hair to secure it in the desired shape. Spray Oribe Superfine Finishing Spray